Season for Sneezin'

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Allergists say this is the peak season for sneezin' if you're allergic to some kinds of pollen.

They say atleast one in three americans suffers from allergies and now that spring is here, what's blooming is blowing.

Allergist Dr. William Scott says his office is starting to get busy. He says March and April are peak season for tree pollen, May and June cause trouble for people allergic to wild grasses, and during the summer it's weeds and sagebrush season.

The Mesa County Health Department's Airborne Allergen Report shows tree pollen is high right now.

Dr. Scott says you can get over the counter medicines to treat symptoms but if they're severe you should see your doctor.

Allergies aren't all bad news. An October 2007 Harvard Review found allergies appear to be associated with a reduced risk for certain types of brain cancer.

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