Couple Arrested In Bogus Online Posting

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Medford, Ore. (AP) It wasn't an online hoax, or an act of revenge.

Instead, sheriff's deputies say the Craigslist posting that cost an Oregon man nearly all his belongings was an effort to cover up a burglary.

Jackson County sheriff's deputies arrested a couple yesterday. They said the two stole horse saddles and other items from Robert Salisbury's home. Then, the pair tried to hide the theft by posting an online notice that said Salisbury had to leave the state and his
belongings were free for the taking. People who saw the ad went to the home and nearly cleaned it out.

Investigators tracked the computer posting to the couple, who they say had sold the saddles over the internet.

Salisbury says he's still out thousands of dollars in goods, even though some of his belongings have been returned.