Some Bloggers Will Sit With State Delegates at Dem Convention

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Denver (AP) Organizers of the Democratic National Convention say one blogger from each state will be seated with members of their state's delegation when the party nominates its presidential candidate in Denver this summer.

Party officials announced last year they would give credentials to about 56 bloggers for the “Demconvention State Blogger Corps.”

No details were released until Tuesday, when convention spokeswoman Natalie Wyeth said the state bloggers would be seated on the convention floor.

The party plans to credential other bloggers as part of a general pool, but Wyeth says convention officials haven't decided the total number of bloggers or what access they will have.

Wyeth says the number will be larger than the 30 who got credentials for the 2004 convention, but she says the total won't be announced until party officials see how many apply by the April 15 deadline.

She refused to say how many had applied.

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