Bush Urges More Troops for Afghanistan

U.S. President George Bush and Romanian President Traian Basescu walk together to participate in a joint press availability in Neptun, Romania Wednesday, April 2, 2008. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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Neptun, Romania (AP) President Bush is welcoming announcements that some countries will be providing more troops to the NATO force in Afghanistan, but he's still calling on other allied nations to step up their efforts against terrorism.

In Romania, Bush insisted today that nations “need to take this mission seriously,” saying it's worth it for security and peace.

Bush expressed hope that this week's NATO summit in Romania would yield more cooperation from allied nations.

The president is showing some understanding that some countries are reluctant to send in large numbers of troops and go to the front lines. And he has gingerly stepped around a dispute over nations that have limited their forces to less dangerous spots in

Still, Bush says the mission is too important to turn away from, and that failure could produce a safe haven for terrorists.