Sheriff's Office: Herrera wasn't listed as a Parolee

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Lonnie Herrera, the man police say shot and killed 23 year old Anna Macias was arrested just two weeks before her death.

Now Macias’s family and friends are wondering why Herrera, a man who
was out of prison and on parole, was not held in the Mesa County Jail on a parole hold but rather let out on bond.

The Department of Corrections says a parole hold would be put on anyone who is out of jail and on parole, and then is arrested for a crime such as domestic violence. In Lonnie Herrera’s case, he was released from prison in October after serving a three year sentence for ramming a Delta Police patrol car. He wasn't placed on a parole hold after being arrested March 19th for allegedly beating Macias, instead he bonded out of the Mesa County Jail.

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey says that, "as a matter of standard practice we run everybody that is released from jail to see if any new warrant or new holds that come up." Hilkey states that in Herrera’s case, a parole hold didn't come up. In fact an audit conducted by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation says Lonnie Herrera wasn't even listed in its system as a parolee.
Also, a parole hold isn't automatically issued when a parolee is arrested; the state needs to be notified first, and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office says that the state was never notified because they didn't know Herrera was a parolee.

Sheila Segura, a cousin of Macias’s says this isn't’t good enough, "regardless of who's fault it is, there's two lives that can't be replaced again." The question of why Lonnie Herrera wasn't listed as a parolee still looms, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office says that CBI is still looking into it, its computer system was down all day Tuesday and more information should be available Wednesday. Even so, Segura says that the damage is done, "there's four children left behind with out a mother because of someone not doing their job right."

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