Plane Runs Out of Gas; Student Pilot Lands on Virginia Interstate

Traffic backs up on I-40 Eastbound between Asheville Highway and I-640 due to a hazardous materials situation in East Knoxville.
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Abingdon, Va. (AP) A student pilot won't face charges for the emergency landing he made Wednesday on an interstate in Abingdon, Virginia.

The two-seater Cesna ran out of gas just short of the runway on what was Matthew Scott's first solo flight. He managed to bring the plane down safely with the flow of traffic. The only damage was a dent from when one of the wings clipped a mile marker.

A state police sergeant says like a typical driver with an empty tank, the 27-year-old Scott pulled over to the side of the road and called for help.

Police later shut down the interstate while the plane was taxied the rest of the way to the airport.