TV Switch from Analog to Digital

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In less than a year all television signals will make the switch from analog to digital.

On february 17th 2009 the era of analog broadcast television will end as the nation completes its transition to an all digital system, but the move to digital won't end free broadcast television.

Shermaze Ingram of the National Association of Broadcasters believes many Americans still don't know about the switch. She says, "About half of Americans have no idea that there is a transition to digital television under way."

Some television viewers will be protected even with an older set. Brandon Booth at U.S. Tech says not everyone will need to buy the converter. Booth says, "If you go through a [cable] provider then you really are not going to be affected by this switch. But if you just have an antenna on the roof then yes you are one of those people that are going to have to address the issue."

Booth says there are two ways to address the issue. He says, "Get a box that will allow their old TV to receive a digital over the air transmission or they will have to get a new television that has one of those digital tuners built into them."

The digital converters will help clear up the picture and allow rabbit ear customers to see more channels like the CW. Also the converter will have a built in guide that will allow viewers to see information on the show they are watching, as well as, see what is coming up next.

But if you don't feel like buying the converter or buying a new television set you may be in luck. KKCO and US Tech are giving away a high definition television to spread the word about the switch from analog to digital. On the 12th of April, KKCO and US Tech are going to give away a 40" Mitsubishi it's going to be 1080p high definition LCD.

Just go to before April 10th and click on the "HD–TV Giveaway" and register for the giveaway. Then go to US Tech on Patterson Road on April 12th at 1 P.M. to see if you've won.

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