Woman Gets Death Penalty For Killing Mother-To-Be,

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Kansas City, mo. (AP) Lisa Montgomery is now the third woman on federal death row.

A jury in Kansas City, Missouri, today rejected pleas from Montgomery's attorney that she should be spared the death penalty because sexual abuse during her childhood led to mental illness.

Montgomery was convicted in October of kidnapping and killing an eight-months pregnant Bobbi Jo Stinnett, then cutting Stinnett's baby from her womb. Montgomery was arrested a day later, after showing off the baby as her own.

Montgomery's attorney says while the crime was “horrible,” Montgomery has been put on medication and that's “done wonders.”

He plans to appeal the sentence.

U.S. attorney John wood said in a statement that he hoped the sentence would “bring some measure of closure to the family of Bobbie Jo Stinnett.”

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