Fruita to Recount Ballots for a Fourth Time.

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Fruita city officials say they will recount ballots for a fourth time. This after backers of a rec center proposal make a request.

A hand recount for refereed issue A is scheduled for Monday.
The first time the ballots were counted unofficially the rec center passed by two votes, but then the official count had it tied, so a recount using mesa county's voting machines was called and it also had the issue tied at 1262 votes in favor and 1262 votes against. In Fruita if an issue ties, it fails.

Supporters of the rec center know the odds are slim that the outcome of the recount will change but citizens for a Fruita community rec center just didn't want to leave any stones unturned.
We'll have the latest on that recount on 11 news on Monday.

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