Mothers From Polygamist Compound Say Being Barred From Children

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San Angelo, Texas (AP) The mothers of 10 of the more than 400 children taken from a polygamist compound in Texas say authorities have not allowed them to see or talk to their children.

The three women say they were away from the ranch at the time of the raid, but returned when they heard what happened.

One 30-year-old woman says she has three children ages 7 and under. She tells Utah's Deseret Morning News that she's afraid the children may be frightened. She calls herself “a good mother” who wants to be with her children.

Authorities raided the compound of the fundamentalist church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints last week after a family violence shelter received a phone call from a 16-year-old girl saying that her 50-year-old husband had beaten and raped her.