Water Balloons Lobbed at Olympic Flame in Argentina

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Buenos Aires, Argentina (AP) Water balloons and demonstrators aren't slowing down the olympic torch's relay through Argentina.

Activists opposing China's human rights record unfurled banners but have pledged to keep their demonstrations peaceful after protests disrupted stops in London, Paris and San Francisco. At least three water balloons were thrown at the flame at it passed
The presidential palace, but guards batted them away.

Rowers sped the flame down a muddy canal before runners on land jogged it past the pink presidential palace. Winds caused the propane-powered torch to flicker, but it didn't go out.

Argentine officials were bent on avoiding the kind of trouble that disrupted earlier torch stops, as they placed about 1,300 federal police, 1,500 naval police and 3,000 traffic police and volunteers along the relay route.