Protesters Arrested for Trying to Block Vice President's Motorcade

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Not everyone was happy about the Vice President's visit on Friday. Many lined the streets in protest, some were even arrested.

"Hey ho, Dick Cheney's gotta go! Hey, ho." Chanting with bull horns and holding signs, protesters with a Voice of Reason took to the street to voice opposition against Cheney's visit.

Demonstrators are protesting what they say is Cheney's role in starting the war in Iraq and the number of lives lost in it.

But for some protesters, voicing their opinions was just not enough. Jacob Richards and Mallory Rice decided they would sit in the middle of the road to block the vice president's motorcade. Officers removed the two from the street. However, police say the two wouldn't listen, and tried to block the road again. They were cuffed and arrested for obstructing a roadway.

Richards and Rice were taken to the police department and released with a misdemeanor ticket.

But despite the arrests, others in the group say they believe they got their point across.

(it gave us a chance to say what we think...)

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