Man Tries To Run Over Off-duty Officer With Car

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An off-duty officer was out jogging and that's when the Sheriff's Office says a drunk driver tried to run him over.

22-year-old Corey Marcella was arrested early Sunday morning on charges of attempted first degree murder, driving under the influence, among others. The Sheriff's Office says that an officer was out jogging when two men pulled up in a green Honda sedan, got out an threated to kill the officer. According to an arrest affidavit, that's when the officer pulled his gun and badge and identified himself.

The two men got back in their car, turned around and drove directly at the officer, he was running backwards with his gun out when he tripped and was missed by the car by just two feet. It was then the officer was able to get away and call for back-up.

Marcella was arrested later and is currently being held in the Mesa County Jail without bond.

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