Women Tasered on Roof of Motel

Police are trying to figure out why a woman climbed to the roof of a Grand Junction motel this morning, and began screaming for her children.

First the woman climbed the fire escape at the Melrose Inn, then into a tree, and then jumped onto the roof apparently in search for her children.

A manager of the hotel says she then started screaming as loud as she could for her kids. Who apparently were not on the roof.

A friend of the woman tried to talk her down, but to no avail.
Finally a security guard at the nearby Wells Fargo building called the police.

After several attempts to talk her down, police had to resort to tasering her, and when that didn't work, she was then tranquilized.

The screaming reportedly lasted for an hour and started at around two–thirty in the morning.

The woman was taken away by ambulance. There's no word on her condition.

The manager of the Melrose says the woman was to a guest at the hotel.

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