Governor Signs Bill Allowing Sunday Liquor Sales in Colorado

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Denver (AP) Colorado liquor stores will be able to stay open on Sundays starting in July under a bill signed by Governor Ritter yesterday.

The bill reverses a law dating from the repeal of prohibition. Ritter says times have changed since 1933 when shuttering liquor stores on Sunday was seen as a way to protect the Christian sabbath. He thinks the new law will help people who are only able to shop on Sundays.

Colorado is the 35th state to permit Sunday alcohol sales at retail stores and the 13th state to have passed such a law since 2002.

Because of the new law, supermarkets and convenience stores are now pushing for legislation to allow them to sell full-strength beer to better compete with seven-day-a-week beer sales in liquor stores. There's only three weeks left in the session so backers
would have to get permission from leaders in the house and senate to introduce such a bill.

A measure to repeal Colorado's Blue law failed three years ago in the face of opposition from liquor stores. Their stance started to change last year after supermarkets began talking about getting the right to sell full-strength wine and beer. Large and small
Liquor stores began to assemble to fight that proposal and push for a bill allowing them to stay open on Sundays.

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