Three Wildfires Break Out In Colorado

Three massive wildfires broke out in Colorado yesterday evacuating homes and closing down highways. High winds and dry weather contributed to the fires and a couple of them are still burning.

In Ordway, Colorado at least two people are confirmed dead in the flames that were fueled by 50 mile–per hour winds. Fire officials say the 72 hundred acre blaze forced around 1,100 residents to evacuate their homes. Officials say 20 buildings in Ordway have been damaged.

In Fort Carson, Colorado, flames and smoke grew to about nine–thousand acres, fueled by whipping winds. Officials say a small plane that was helping to fight the flames crashed, killing the pilot.

A voluntary evacuation order is in place some of those affected by the fire. Those residents choosing to evacuate are being sheltered on Fort Carson. The cause of the fire is under investigation, but officials at the military base say there was not controlled burn there tuesday.

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has declared a State of Emergency because of the massive damage.