Sheriff's Office; "we checked, there was no parole hold"

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New details have been released about a meeting between officials from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and Colorado department of corrections.

The meeting was to shed light on why Lonnie Herrera, a parolee wasn’t in jail on a parole hold after being arrested for domestic violence, but rather let out on bond. The Sheriff’s Office says that before Herrera was released from jail it did check to see if he had any new warrants or a parole hold and Herrera came up clear and was released.

An audit conducted by CBI showed that there was in fact no parole hold placed on Herrera. The Sheriff’s Office says it and Delta authorities could have checked with the Department of Corrections to see if Herrera was a parolee, but says that CBI offers no training to agencies to take that extra step.

Sheriff Hilkey says he wants to see this change. An investigation is ongoing as to why Herrera was never placed on a parole hold.

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