AP-Yahoo Poll Shows McCain Winning Back Unhappy Republicans

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Washington (AP) An Associated-Press-Yahoo News poll out today indicates republican John McCain is no longer the underdog in the presidential race.

He's pulled even with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who are still fighting it out for the democratic nomination. The AP-Yahoo survey finds McCain may be benefiting from the continuing democratic bickering.

Five months ago, before the field had narrowed, a poll showed potential voters favored a Democrat over a Republican for the white house by a 13-point margin.

Also helping McCain are people's slightly souring opinions of Clinton. Their views on Obama have improved but their opinion of McCain has shot up even higher. He's picked up support from disgruntled Republicans, Independents and even some moderate

The AP-Yahoo poll tracks the same group of roughly 2,000 people throughout the campaign in order to gauge how individual opinions are evolving.