Defense Says California Software Programmer Didn't Kill His Wife

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Oakland, Calif (AP) The trial of a California computer programmer accused of murdering his estranged wife is wrapping up.

Lawyers on both sides presented closing arguments yesterday in the Oakland trial of Hans Reiser.

The prosecution say he killed his wife, Nina. She hasn't been seen since she dropped the couple's kids off at his home over Labor Day weekend in 2006. No body has ever been found.

Reiser's lawyer likened his client to a duckbilled platypus, describing him as “odd in every way.” but he said Reiser doesn't have a history of violence, suggesting his wife may be living in Europe.

The prosecution is pointing to circumstantial evidence. The Reisers were involved in a bitter custody dispute and traces of her blood were found in his home and car.

The 44-year-old Reiser is best known as the creator of the ReiserFS computer file system

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