Update: Hundreds Arrested in Immigration Raids at Poultry Plants

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Mount Pleasant, Texas (AP) Federal agents say their case for raiding pilgrim's pride chicken plants yesterday was strengthened by stories they heard from victims of identity theft.

Immigration and customs enforcement officials say the sweeps at plants in five states led to the arrest of nearly 300 workers. The charges range from identity theft and document fraud to immigration violations.

Texas-based Pilgrim's Pride puts the number of workers arrested at 400 hourly, non-management employees in plants in Texas, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia and Arkansas.

In a seperate operation, federal authorities also arrested dozens of workers at a doughnut factory in Houston and the operators of a chain of mexican restaurants in upstate New York.

No criminal or civil charges have been filed agains Pilgrim's Pride, which has about 55,000 employees at facilities mostly across the south and in Mexico and Puerto Rico.