Virginia Tech Honors Shooting Victims

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Blacksburg, VA. (AP) Students at Virginia tech have made it through what for many of them was a very difficult day.

Yesterday's anniversary brought back to the campus the painful memories of the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history. A student shot and killed 32 students and faculty before killing himself.

The somber day of reflection ended last night when some 30,000 people turned out for a candlelight vigil. Students representing each of the 32 victims lit their candles from one that had been burning since the previous midnight.

Earlier, a sea of people wearing orange and maroon gathered on the main campus lawn. The names of the victims were read and university president Charles Steger told the mourners that April 16th, 2007, was a day that changed all their lives.

As the final event ended, “let's go,” was screamed at one end of the drillfield. “Hokies” was the reply from the other end, in what became a growing chant.