Cleaning Out Those Old Household Cleaners

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A quick peek under the kitchen sink might reveal hazardous products. But before you start dumping those solvents down the sink there are a few things you should know.

"They can be incompatible if you mix them, you could have a chemical reaction and also it's a waste water treatment issue," says Jessica Pahler a Mesa County Hazardous Materials Collection Facility hazardous materials technician.

Pahler says they'll take these cleaning products off your hands free of charge. "The best alternative option for disposal is to bring it here to this facility, we will take any unused chemical product you might have under your sink," says Pahler.
And if any of those products are still good they will put them back on their shelf, where you can come in and pick up what you like to take home and use, this service is also free of charge.

Household cleaners aren't the only item recycled at the Mesa County Hazardous Materials Collection Facility. Old propane tanks, motor oil, fire extinguishers, batteries and paint among other things are also accepted.

Pahler says, "the only things we don't take are explosives, like dynamite." The facility won't take radioactive material but they will take ammunition and class c fireworks.
Pahler says if you aren't sure what to do with a product feel free to call.

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