Clinton is Ms. Fix-it, Obama a Media Critic on 'Colbert'

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Philadelphia (AP) Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a tireless problem solver on the campaign trail and last night she collected a few laughs with the theme on Comedy Central.

Clinton emerged on “The Colbert Report” just as host Stephen Colbert, broadcasting from the University Of Pennsylvania, was lamenting that he had no technicians to repair
his giant rear projector screen.

Colbert cried out, “Are you telling me there is no one in this theater who can fix the mess we're in?”

“I can,” said Clinton, as she strolled onstage.

Clinton also summoned a makeup artist to take care of Colbert's shiny forehead, saying, “I just love solving problems. Call me any time. Call me at 3 a.m.”

Not to be outdone, democratic rival Barack Obama showed up via satellite, poking fun at what he said is the media's fixation on gaffes and trivialities.