Local Woman Says Prayers Were Answered During Share Fest

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This weekend, more than 20 churches around the Grand Valley teamed up to several community service projects as part of Share Fest. One local woman who received help on Saturday is calling the Share Fest volunteers an answer to her prayers.

Wini Stevenson describes her daily life, confined to a wheel chair.

"I'm still not mobile," said Stevenson. "I can't do things for myself and I live alone. It makes life real tough."

In February, she was in a serious snowmobiling accident that almost cost her a leg. Between hospital stays and not being able to walk, she says several things outside of her home have fallen into disarray.

But Saturday morning, it was a different story as a bible study group from Canyon View Vineyard Church showed up on her doorstep.

"There's eighteen people out here coming to help me, and they don't even know me," said Stevenson.

The volunteers spent the morning trimming bushes, removing weeds, mowing the lawn, and cleaning out her pond among other things.

"We just wanted to do something," said volunteer Julie Kendall. "We wanted to put our faith into action."

Stevenson, who has no health insurance, says as she worries about how she's going to recover from her accident, she's glad she had something to smile about Saturday.

"I don't feel alone," said Stevenson. "I don't feel like I have to carry this burden alone."

She says she's deeply touched by the volunteers' charity.

"This community has a lot of love for other people, and I'm the recipient of that love," said Stevenson. I can't tell you how blessed I am."

After a long, hard day of work, she has a message for them.

"From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful," said Stevenson. "The love of Christ shows through you. Thank you."

The volunteers say it was truly their pleasure to reach out to someone in need. They say they left Stevenson's house feeling just as good as she does.

"The work is not hard when you're with other people," said Kendall. "It's a lot of fun and it's just very rewarding."

Stevenson says that once she can get up and walk again, she hopes to give back to someone else, like the Share Fest volunteers did for her.

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