More Felons Allowed Into The Military

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Washington (AP) A congressional committee says there has been an increase in the number of felons being allowed into both the army and the marines.

The data from the house oversight and government reform committee shows that the army granted waivers to 511 felons last year, more than double those allowed into the service in 2006. The number of marines with felonies went from just over 200 in 2006 to
350 in 2007.

Committee Chairman Henry Waxman says the increase in recruits with criminal records could be linked to what he calls “the strain put on the military by the Iraq war.”

The bulk of the felony convictions were for burglaries, other thefts, and drug offenses. However, 9 of the recruits were found guilty of sex crimes and 6 for manslaughter or vehicular homicide.