Trial Set for Woman Accused of Animal Neglect, Cruelty

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Fort Collins, Colo. (AP) A trial has been scheduled Aug. 18 for a woman accused of animal neglect and cruelty at a Larimer County rescue site she operates.

Alesha Matchett pleaded not guilty to all charges during a court hearing Tuesday in Fort Collins.

Prosecutors have charged Matchett with four counts of cruelty, covering more than two dozen horses, goats, llamas and other animals at the animal angels horse rescue.

Matchett has denied any wrongdoing and says her animals have been well cared-for. She has said she rescued some animals from slaughterhouses, and that they were improving with her care.

Prosecutor Shawn Reinhart says an attempt to reach a plea deal in the case failed.

Defense attorney David Johnson says Matchett will likely testify in her own defense.