Local Man Plans to Run for President

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Jonathan Allen, a presidential hopeful says his leadership skills and expertise in international business are what can carry his campaign all the way to the White House. He says his status as just you're average American is exactly what our nation is looking for right now.

Allen lays out his political beliefs on his website www.heartquake08.com and there you can read about his feelings on the War in Iraq, the economy, education, health care, immigration and more. He says, "its neither a republican or a democratic platform, Its based on a theory that there are four crisis in America." Allen says there is an identity crisis relating to political correctness, a responsibility crisis, a leadership crisis, and heart problems, and that's where his campaign theme comes in.

He says he wants to initiate a cultural awakening, an awakening he calls a “heartquake”, the center of his campaign. Allen is not on any ballot but says that soon enough he'll be on all 50. He says, "right now America doesn't know about me, but 90 days from now the republican and democratic party will be very concerned about the dark horse from Olathe, Colorado.

Allen launched a major Internet campaign and is hoping to reach 50 million Americans through the web in two weeks to a month. He is also beginning a campaign trail that will feature Allen, his brother and a piano, connecting to America’s heart through music.

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