Calif Brewer Ordered To Stop Using 'Legal Weed' Bottle Caps

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Sacramento, calif (AP) Vaune Dillmann says the wording on his bottle caps was just a clever play on the name of the northern California town where he brews his beer -- Weed.

But federal alcohol regulators think differently. They have ordered Dillmann's Mount Shasta Brewing Company to stop selling beer bottles with caps that say “try legal weed.”

They say the message on the caps amounts to a drug reference and could “mislead consumers about the characteristics of the alcoholic beverage.”

Dillmann scoffs at the notion, saying it's just the town's name.

Signs posted on the way out of town read “temporarily out of weed” and “100 percent pure weed.” And Dillmann says tourists like to snap pictures of the school bus with its “Weed High” sign.