Referendum C Opponents Fight To Keep Donors Secret

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A group opposed to a ballot measure that would ask voters to give up $3.7 billion in tax refunds says it shouldn't have to disclose who's paying for ads about the issue. One of the Independence Institute ads on Referendum C features dwarfs singing "hi ho, hi ho, it's off to tax we go," but a lawyer for Institute President Jon Caldara says the spots were designed to get the public's attention and don't tell people how to vote on the measure.

Therefore, he says, they shouldn't be subject to the same disclosure rules as candidate campaigns. Supporters of Referendum C argue Caldara, acting as the president of the institute, is delivering the same message he is giving as head of the issue committee called vote no; it's your dough.

A resolution may not come before election day. the judge in the case is trying to issue a ruling before november first but either side could appeal the ruling, delaying any disclosure.