Democrats Urge Congressman Salazar To Get In Governor's Race

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Some Colorado Democrats are urging first–term Congressman John Salazar to run for governor. State House Majority Leader Alice Madden says he didn't tell her "yes" or "no", but figures it would take some talking to persuade him. Salazar, a farmer from southwestern Colorado and a former legislator says he's concentrating on getting re–elected to the Third Congressional District.

So far, he has one opponent, a Republican businessman. Only one Democrat is officially in the governor's race and that's former Denver District Attorney Bill Ritter. Some party members want to see another Democrat run because ritter opposes abortion.

Those urging Salazar to make a bid also note that his rural
roots would help him with voters outside the metro areas. His brother, U.S. Senator Ken Salazar, has also been mentioned as a possible Democratic candidate for governor. He has said he isn't planning to enter the race.

Congressman Bob Beauprez and former University of Denver President Marc Holtzman are seeking the Republican nomination.

Governor Owens, a Republican, can't seek a third term because of term limits.

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