Government Taking New Look at Lasik Complaints

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Washington (AP) Not everyone is a good candidate for Lasik eye surgery and the government plans to take a closer look at complaints including lost vision, dry eye and night-vision problems.

A decade after Lasik hit the market, unhappy patients will air their grievances before the Food and Drug Administration today.

The FDA think about 5 percent of patients are dissatisfied, and is pairing with eye surgeons for a major study involving hundreds of Lasik patients.

About 7.6 million Americans have undergone some form of laser vision correction, including the $2000-per-eye Lasik.

Advocates say as many as 95 percent are well satisfied, with some achieving better than 20/20 vision.

And though Opthalmologist doctor Robert Cykiert says the FDA has received 140 complaints from unhappy patients, he's still a believer and recommends it for those who are a good fit.