Grand Junction Gets Ready for the Annual Spring Clean-Up

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Residents of Grand Junction can start tossing junk into the street gutter for free pick up. Residents who live north of North Ave. will have their junk and trash picked up on May 5th. Residents who live south of North Ave. will have their stuff picked up on May 12th. City officials ask that people wait until a week before their scheduled pick up date to put their trash out.

Most anything, including trash containers, that are put out will be picked up and taken away. Items that will not be picked up include: tire, batteries, ammunition, fuel tanks of any kind, oil, grease, concrete or asphalt. Trash piles longer than 10 feet, approximately 10 cubic yards, will not be picked up. Anything over one city dump truck is subject to a $100 charge.

Grand Junction resident who wish to dispose of old tires can bring them to the central drop-off site at City shop on May 17th for free disposal. Tires are limited to eight normal size tires, including light trucks, per household.