Family: Pit Bull was Stolen; Left Behind 8 Puppies

A Whitewater family is frantic to find their missing dog and believe the animal was stolen.

Yvonne Cessnun says she and family came home from a soccer game this afternoon to find their front door wide open and their pit bull Lexy missing.

Cessnun says she believes Lexy didn't run away. She thinks someone stole her because she just gave birth to eight puppies less than a week ago and it's not like a mother to leave her litter.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office took a report. Cessnun says she thinks someone stole Lexy to turn her into a fight dog. She's hoping that's not the case though, and just wants Lexy home so she can take care of her pups.

Cessnun says they won't press charges and is asking anyone with information to call the Sheriff's Office at 244-3500.

Until Lexy returns, Cessnun says she just hopes the puppies will take to a bottle and hang on a little longer.

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