Brotherly Love May Not be Enough

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There are nearly 79,000 people on the waiting list for a kidney transplant, and for us here at KKCO it's hitting close to home; one of our interns here is stepping up to help save his brother's life.

Oscar Paniagua–Morales's life changed drastically when he was told four years ago that his kidneys were failing. He says, "you feel like you lose something, like if you lose an arm or a leg."

Oscar did not only lose his kidney function, extensive dialysis treatment has made it nearly impossible to hold down a job, and he's even lost touch with many friends, but he says his family will always be there for him. When Hector, Oscar's fraternal twin brother heard that Oscar needed a new kidney, he knew right away that he wanted to give one of his own to save his brother's life.

Hector has gone through all but one test, and so far he is an exact match, which means that the kidney should last longer in Oscar's body and hopefully less medication will be needed after the surgery. In Oscar's case, finding a kidney donor was the easy part, and now the real challenge begins.

Oscar has Medicare covering some of his medical expenses, and even with his mother working two jobs, the Paniagua-Morales family cannot afford the transplant surgery, and Oscar will have to continue his 15–hour-a-week dialysis treatments.

To make a donation that will help Oscar get the kidney he needs to live, go to, or drop off a donation in Oscar Paniagua-Morales' name at Alpine Bank.

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