Update: Coroner Performs Autopsy on Dead Baby

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The Mesa County Coroner performed an autopsy Wednesday on a baby found dead in a Grand Junction home. The coroner's office won't say what came out of the autopsy except that they need more testing to find out how the baby died, and until then, the coroner is not releasing the sex or age of the baby.

The baby was found wrapped inside a home on Grand Vista Way Tuesday and the mother was no where to be found. The Grand Junction Police Department is calling it a suspicious death.

At this point authorities say they still haven't been able to track down the baby's mother and that they believe she's not anywhere near the Grand Valley. Investigators say the woman is related to Chris and Stacy Hite, the owners of the home where the baby was found.

Investigators arrived at 868 Grand Vista Way, after receiving reports of a suspicious death. After confirming that there was a dead baby inside the home, they left to get a search warrant from the District Attorney's Office.

Authorities say at this point it is unclear how long the baby had been dead by the time it was found. They also do not know if it was born alive or a still-born.

Investigators were able to acquire a search warrant and at around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon, a crime scene unit began going through the home.

Police say the Hites were extremely cooperative with investigators throughout the day.

The County Coroner will perform an autopsy on the baby later this week to determine how exactly it died.

11 News tried to talk to the Hites, but they would not answer the door. We did catch up with a neighbor walking out of the Hites' backyard, but all she said was that the family wanted its privacy.

Other neighbors say Grand Vista is a good neighborhood and describe the Hites as great people and great neighbors.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest details as they become available.

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