Lawmakers Reject Proposal To Abolish $5 Bet Limit In Casinos

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Denver (AP) One attempt to raise the betting limit at Colorado casinos died at the state capitol today, but another one is still alive.

A senate committee rejected a proposal to ask voters to get rid of the $5 bet limit to bring in millions in extra tax revenue, partly because of fears of cluttering the November ballot with too many proposals.

But casinos are working on a ballot initiative of their own that would open the door to raising the bet limit up to $100, as well as expanding casino hours and adding roulette and craps games. Currently, casinos may offer only blackjack, poker and slot machines.

Community colleges are supporting the proposal because it would steer some of the increased tax revenue to them if the bet limit is raised.

If the measure gets on the ballot and passes statewide, voters in the three mountain towns where gambling is permitted - Cripple Creek, Black Hawk and Central City - would still have to vote to make any of the changes.