Troop Deaths Hit 7-Month High in Iraq

Residents observe the scene of an overnight airstrike in Baghdad, Iraq, Thursday, April 17, 2008. U.S. helicopters struck a residential complex in Habibiyah, a Shiite dominated area on the edge of the militia stronghold of Sadr City, killing two civilians and wounding 6 others, police said. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)
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Baghdad (AP) April has been the deadliest month since September for American troops in Iraq.

The military says three soldiers were killed yesterday -- two in roadside bombings and a third who was hit by small-arms fire. All the deaths happened in Baghdad.

That makes 47 American troops killed so far this month.

Street fighting between Sxcite militants and U.S. And Iraqi forces goes on in the eastern half of the capital that includes Sadr city.

And AP television news footage showed parts of the two-floor Baghdad girls' school had pancaked following an an explosion. Desks were hanging down from the slanting classrooms where the outer walls were blown out.

Local officials say the school was the target of an airstrike.