ACLU: Pentagon Documents Highlight Interrogation Methods

Senate bill which would prohibit the CIA from using waterboarding as an interrogation method was blocked by Republicans, who believed that banning the torture method would "destroy" the government's ability to combat terrorism. (CBS)
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New York (AP) The ACLU is claiming the military continued to use abusive interrogation methods on detainees even after a Pentagon directive ordered an end to the practices in 2003.

The revelation follows a review of Defense Department documents obtained under the freedom of information act. The ACLU says the documents show that psychologists were used in military interrogations and that medical workers failed to report abuse. The
civil liberties group says those involved violated “their ethical and legal obligations.”

A Pentagon spokesman counters that medical workers understood their responsibility to provide humane care. And the spokesman notes that the report does not find “that there was a governmental policy directing, encouraging or condoning abuse.”