Prosecutors Complain Witness-Protection Programs Are Getting Shortchanged

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Milwaukee (AP) Prosecutors around the nation say tight budgets are hamstringing their ability to keep witnesses safe at a time when intimidation on the streets appears to be surging.

Florida's witness protection efforts took a hit after a budget shortfall last year forced lawmakers to reduce the half-million dollars originally appropriated for the program to $100,000.

Atlanta prosecutors get no state help for witness protection, instead scraping by with money from forfeitures.

In Milwaukee last fall, Maurice Pulley agreed to testify against the thug accused of shooting him in the face in an argument over a parking spot. But before he ever took the stand, two gunmen shot him to death in his mother's driveway. Pulley's family blames the
dismantling of the city's witness-protection program, calling the action “unconscionable.” his father says there should be “no price too great to pay for somebody's protection.”