Lawmakers To Discuss Food Costs

Joe Romano shops at Cardona's Market in Albany, N.Y., Tuesday, April 15, 2008. Consumer prices pushed higher last month as increases in energy, food and airline tickets overwhelmed the biggest drop in clothing prices in nearly a decade. (AP Photo/Mike Groll)
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Capitol Hill (AP) The high cost of food will be the topic of a congressional hearing today.

With the price of a loaf of bread up 15 percent over the past year and eggs up 25 percent, the joint house-senate economic committee will take a look at the impact on American families.

Lawmakers will also study the effect of rising prices on food banks as more people ask for help.

Some retailers are pitching in to ease the strain on food banks. Sam's club is once again going to donate baked goods, meats and deli products that are near their sell-by dates to local food pantries. The company abandoned the practice two years ago in favor
of donating money. But with food prices continuing to climb, it's resuming donations of food.