Man Arrested for Menacing Two People with a Gun

Mesa County Sheriff's deputies arrested 38–year–old Hector Espinoza after he reportedly threatened two people with a gun.

Espinoza was arrested after the car he was chasing pulled into the Safeway at 29 and F Roads.

Espinoza pulled into the Loco convenience store across the street with a deputy right behind him.

He was taken into custody without incident.

The Sheriff's office says that dispatch received calls from two people saying that Espinoza waved a gun at them, threatened them, followed them into city limits and chased them around.

According to an arrest affidavit, Espinoza initially made contact with the victims to ask them why they assaulted his nephew at Rum Bay a few months ago. He also says that he carries a gun because of his job with a security company.

He is currently being held in the Mesa County Jail. No bond has been set for him.

He is facing three counts of felony menacing.

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