Food Crisis Leaves Many Afghans Desperate

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Kabul, Afghanistan (AP) The international food crisis is adding to the woes of people in Afghanistan.

They find themselves scrambling to buy leftover scraps of bread that previously had gone to feed cows and sheep. One woman holding an empty sack at a market in Kabul says her household of 14 people had to give up fresh bread a month ago because the price spiraled
out of reach.

For the first time since the U.S. invasion that toppled the Taliban, the U.N.'s world food program has begun food distribution in Afghan cities, not just in rural areas. The agency warns more people are likely to die from hunger, their bodies too weak to fight off disease.

The food woes are adding to the anger against Afghanistan's U.S.-backed government. And on top of the physical misery, officials fear the food shortage could play into the hands of Taliban recruiters.