US Military Blames Al-Qaida in Iraq for Suicide Attack

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US Military Blames Al-Qaida in Iraq for Suicide Attack

Baghdad (AP) The U.S. military is blaming Al-Qaida-in-Iraq for last night's double suicide bombing that killed at least 36 people.

It happened during a wedding procession in a twn northeast of Baghdad.

A woman suicide bomber blew herself up as people were dancing and clapping to music. Police say she hid the bomb by pretending to be pregnant. A male bomber detonated his explosives minutes later as police and ambulances arrived on the scene.

Besides the three-dozen dead, at least 65 people were wounded, including the bride and groom.

The attack has stoked fears that Al-Qaida-In-Iraq militants are regrouping, despite recent security gains. The Sunni terror group announced April 19th that it was launching a one month offensive against U.S. troops and Sunnis who've allied with the Americans.

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