Baby Death Investigation Turns to Alaska

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Grand Junction Police are following leads all the way to Alaska in the investigation into the death of a newborn baby.

Two Grand Junction investigators hopped on a plan Thursday. They are travelling more than 1,500 miles because they believe that the baby boy's mother is there.

They are working with law enforcement officials in Alaska to perform interviews and compile facts for the investigation.

The newborn boy was found wrapped up inside a home on Grand Vista Way on Tuesday morning and the mother was nowhere to be found.

Investigators say they're waiting on autopsy test results from the coroner to find out how long the baby was dead and if it was born alive or still born. They say it could take a few weeks before those results come back.

The police department wouldn't go into detail about how it tracked the mother to Alaska, but investigators say they use several different techniques to track people in cases like these. They say they write timelines, interview friends and family and track credit card purchases and financial transactions.

Grand Junction Police still have not named a suspect, nor do they say a crime has been committed.

They tell 11 News the two investigators will be in Alaska for atleast three to four days, then they'll have a conference call with the district attorney and the coroner to see if the investigators need to stay longer.

The police department is footing the bill for the trip, but says you can't put a price tag on following leads.

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