McCain, in Denver, lashes out at '100 years' ads

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Denver (AP) Republican John McCain is defending himself today against television ads that accuse him of advocating a 100-year war in Iraq.

The ads tie McCain to president Bush and cite McCain's comments that there could be an american military presence in Iraq for 100 years.

They are being run by the Democratic National Committee and the group

Mccain brought up the commercials at a town hall meeting today in Denver, saying they are lies. He doesn't deny saying “100 years” in connection with U.S. military operations in Iraq, but says he was clearly referring to a possible peacekeeping force -- not a century long war.

Mccain also pitched his health care plan, proposing that every family in the U.S. be given a $5,000 tax credit, allowed to cross state lines and be freed from employers in order to get the best health insurance they can find.