State Democrats Claim Progress on Children's Issues

Colorado Capitol Building
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Denver (AP) _ Majority Democrats say the Colorado Legislature
has made significant progress in helping children during the 2008
session, which wraps up this week.

The democrats cite measures aimed at improving education, health
care, energy and the environment. They point to measures providing one billion dollars to fix crumbling schools, finding money to send 25,000 more children to preschool and kindergarten and streamlining education from preschool through college.

Republicans counter that bills tightening regulations on the oil
and gas industry and raising the industry's taxes will hurt
children in the future.

The clock runs out on the 2008 session at midnight Wednesday,
but legislative leaders hope to adjourn a day or two early. That could be in jeopardy because of a fight over a bill needed to keep the Public Utilities Commission in business.


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