New Animal Shelter Planned

About ten animals are picked up each day by Mesa County Animal services. That's about ten animals too many for its current facility, but with a new planned facility, that's soon to change.

"We have a few weeks out of the year we have breathing room, but for the most part we'd be exceeding capacity if it weren't for the outside kennels,” says Director of Mesa County Services Penny McCarty.

The inside of the shelter is so packed with pets that many must be left outdoors. With funding from county commissioners. 20 outdoor kennels were added in the last two years. But it's still not enough room.

"On one day alone we impounded 55 animals so this is long time coming and will certainly be well used by the community,” says McCarty

McCarty says that its new facility will have 2500 square fee and kennels of all different sizes to make the most out of space. This has some pups jumping for joy.

"it's not just the number of kennels but the way they're designed,” says McCarty

With more space, animal services will have more time to get animals adopted and hopefully avoid euthanizing them. In 2007 alone more than one hundred adoptable animals were put down.

"With the help of other humane societies [we’re able] to decrease the number of adoptable animals we kill. However we're not at zero,” says McCarty

Mccarty hopes that number will be zero when they do move into the new facitiy near the mesa county landfill in the fall of 2009.

The new animal shelter will be part of a sort of strip mall for other county government services including the public works department and a new fleet shop.