Delta 7 Year Old Fighing Stage 4 Brain Cancer

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A young Delta boy is struggling for his life and his family is asking for your help.

Seven year old Justice Warren is battling stage four brain cancer in Denver right now. His mother Brandy says he is doing better but still can't believe it could happen to her son. Brandy says, "Basically he usually never has a bad day. He's always happy to go to school, ready to go to school, and he loves his family a lot and he pretty much just wants to be with his family all the time."

The Warren family is not alone in their son's fight. His Lincoln Elementary classmates are helping out. The first grade classes are contributing out of their own piggy banks. A coin drive has raised $1,300 dollars for the family.

In addition to the coin drive, a spaghetti dinner is planned for Justice at Lincoln Elementary in Delta Tuesday night at 5:00. Donations are also being accepted at Wells Fargo Banks.

The Warren family says while the support is great the one thing they appreciate the most is prayers. Brandy says, "I know that everybody is praying for him because Justice's cancer is going away."

Justice is currently undergoing both chemo therapy and radiation treatment. The cancer has started to subside and the family hopes Justice will be able to come home soon.

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