Council Chooses Gregg Palmer to Serve as New Mayor of Grand Junction

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By a unanimous vote of the city council, Gregg Palmer became the new mayor of Grand Junction and Teresa Coons became the new mayor pro tempore.

The two council members got to preside for the first time over their meeting Monday night.

After being sworn in and thanking former mayor Jim Doody for his service during the past two years, it was straight to work. Monday night, the council heard and passed several rezoning proposals.

But the new mayor says the real work of his term will begin in the coming weeks and months.

Palmer says the council will continue to tackle the tough issues of growth in the city, and that he hopes to move forward on a new comprehensive plan to help city and county leaders plan for the future.

He says the council will also have some big decisions to make later this year regarding the design, funding, and cost of a new city public safety center that will house the police department, the fire department, and the municipal courts.

Palmer says he also looks forward to the opening of the Riverside Parkway and the many other things he will get to do to serve the community.

Both Palmer and Coons will get to serve in their respective positions for one year. The council says it will hold a formal ceremony for former mayor Jim Doody during their meeting Wednesday night.

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