Hite Declines to Waive Extradition

The mother of a baby boy that was found dead after being hidden in a closet for two months declined to waive extradition Wednesday.

Morgan Hite was denied bond by a judge in Alaska Wednesday because her case has the potential of capitial punishment if found guilty. She is being charged with first degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. Hite has asked for an attorney.

Investigators say Morgan Hite and her 4–year–old daughter traveled from Alaska to Grand Junction, visiting her father and step mother late last February. Authorities say the 22–year–old gave birth to a baby boy in a neighbors bathtub. She then put the baby in a plastic bag and hid it in a closet at her parents home and that's where the infant stayed for more than two months until her parents found him.

The district attorney's office says because she declined to waive extradition it could take two to three months before they're able to bring her back to Mesa County. They say to get her back to Grand Junction they will have to get a warrant signed by Governor Bill Ritter.

Hite will be back in an Alaska court room in June.